Easter: New Life through Celebration!

Easter: New Life through Celebration!

The elderly man turned to his beloved wife and smiled. She warmly turned to him and gave his hand a tender squeeze. They had been together for fifty years.

Their home was once bustling with children but as time passed their daughter and son moved away, and the hallways and rooms of their once lively house had fallen silent. But every Easter, their home came to life again. Their children would come over with their families and the walls would ring with laughter and chatter. It made the elderly couple feel like they were reborn thanks to the love and kindness of their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. It was heartwarming. They felt the energy of youth again, the beauty of life, and were keen to share the joyful spirit with the young ones in the family.

The couple were especially excited today because they were in the middle of this large family gathering. And like every year, they were playing a special Easter game that symbolized new life: “Follow the bunny…He has your chocolates!” All members of the family, young and old, had their chocolate Easter baskets in hand and were rushing around to hunt for chocolate eggs with chocolate bunnies leading the way to the delicious eggs. Each chocolate bunny was wrapped in different colours to represent moods: sunshine yellow for warmth of the heart, pastel pink for love and caring, subtle orange for peace and gratitude, bright fuchsia for happiness and joy, and a combination of all these shades to celebrate the miracle of this blessed time of year.

The youngest, a toddler, kept adorably falling on her bottom and the couple kept picking her up and tickling her until she giggled. The couple’s daughter was laughing as she watched her chocoholic 15 year old son sprint as fast as a rabbit to get as many eggs as possible. The couple’s son was acting cool as he formulated the best strategy to collect as many eggs as possible. And his daughter was watching him with an amused smile on her face as she knew her father all too well and had already guessed what his “grand egg hunt plan” would be this year. Each moment made them all feel full of life. In the end it wasn’t about winning. It was all about this blessed Sunday and the quality time they were spending together.

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