The Fun Chocolate Choice!

The Fun Chocolate Choice!

Music Dawg was looking over the cool father’s shoulder while Explorer Gif was standing right next to the stylish mother.

They were all focused on Patchi’s website, browsing the fun Patchino collection while waiting for the entire Patchino gang to arrive. There was so much to choose from: boxes and bags packed with amusing gadgets, chocolate bars, lollichocs, roundies, bonbons, chocobons, and delights with no added sugar. The best party organizer, a music guru, and someone who can’t resist dancing the minute he feels the rhythm, Music Dawg was humming and tapping his foot. An explorer who loves the environment and has the power to discover something new every day, Explorer Gif was ready to turn today into a fun adventure.

The doorbell rang and it was Flash Leo, Arty Bun, Fab Kat, and Brainy Horsey. They could finally begin picking out premium chocolates and unique chocolate gifts for the kids. The parents wanted to reward their son and daughter for doing so well at school this year. And they knew they could count on their dear Patchino friends to select the perfect items for them!

“The character mugs are ideal,” exclaimed Fab Kat who is such a trendy fashionista that all her friends come to her for fashion advice. She changed her outfit with a flip of her cape while adding, “each child-friendly mug has a different Patchino character on it, so you can pick the right one based on your child’s interests and personality. Not to mention that it’s filled with chocolate treats, chocolates candies, chocolate bars, and chocolate lollipops.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Oh and don’t forget the chocolate bars available for delivery in California with the bright designs and the different Patchino characters. The kids love the smooth milk chocolate and fun colours plus they’re a great way to make daily moments memorable,” pitched in Arty Bun who loved taking snapshots of fun moments so he could freeze them forever. The parents smiled as they added some to their shopping basket.

The king of sports and always number 1, Flash Leo suddenly had an energized look on his face. “Yes, that’s it! The chocolate bites. Pure milk chocolate shaped like racy cars or like the letters of the alphabet. Dynamic yet simple,” he exclaimed while jumping high enough to touch the ceiling. Since he was indoors, he controlled his strength and speed as much as he could despite his excitement. The father and mother loved this suggestion!

A techie, puzzle lover, and mastermind who had transformed his room into a science lab, Brainy Horsey adjusted his glasses, cleared his throat, and said: “The lamp is an obvious choice. That way there’s better lighting at night so they can read and discover more about the wonders of the world.” Art Bun giggled with joy. It was one of his personal favourites since the lamp looked like him, but he had been too shy to suggest it.

Music Dawg broke into a dance while singing, “Get with the beat. Keep your moves in time. The smart watch is the right vibe!” He then said, “the chocolate bars, chocolate candies, and hard candies it comes with are also music to my ears.” And the entire gang thought it was a groovy choice!

Explorer Gif was pleased with this adventure. Especially since everyone made it so fast and fun! Let your kids have delicious experiences with Patchi’s Patchino line available for delivery in California and all the exclusive characters: Music Dawg, Flash Leo, Arty Bun, Explorer Gif, Fab Kat, and Brainy Horsey! With a choice of chocolate gifts for kids and unique gifts for kids, Patchino is a celebration of fun. Patchino offers a selection of kids chocolate available for online ordering, gift baskets for kids, gift ideas for kids, and treats for kids. Since each character has a distinct identity, Patchino is an original choice for the best gifts for kids and great chocolate gifts for kids. Discover the fun world of Patchino at Patchi boutiques or online at where you can buy these unique gifts with chocolate and gadgets with one click and have them conveniently delivered anywhere in the USA including California.